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Cam Wizard 7.14

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Cam Wizard


Create a security CCTV with webcams.

Cam Wizard 7.14 - Download 7.14

Download Cam Wizard 7.14

2.58 MB
- Processor 300 MHZ
- 128 MB of RAM
- DirectX 8.0
- Windows Media Player 10
- Webcam support

If you have a PC and a webcam (at least one) you can install your own surveillance system, a CCTV using only CAM Wizard.

Easy to install and use, this program allows you to capture everything that happens within the reach of the webcam and store it in WMV format so that a 100GB disk could store an entire year of videos.

If you wish to access images from a remote location, you can program the software to upload the captures to an FTP server or publish on the web through an HTTP server that is already included in the executable file.

Relax if you have to leave home, Cam Wizard monitors your home or office. Safe and quick download from our servers.
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